Butox 50

Butox 50 is used as a dip or spray solution for the prevention and the treatment of ectoparasitic infestations in cattle and sheep caused by the following parasites: mange mites, lice, ticks, and flies.


Chorulon for induction of ovulation in mares, bitches, sows/gilts, and female fish, treatment of follicular cysts in cows and heifer also to improvement of fertility in cows when fertility is low (repeat breeder and heat stress)


Crestar is used for induction and synchronization of oestrus allowing fixed time insemination. In possibly non cycling cows, injection of PMSG is needed.


Engemycin 10% for the treatment of infections such a respiratory tract infections, (endo)metritis, mastitis, urinary tract infections, septicaemia, arthritis, foot-rot, skin and soft tissues infections, including pyoderma, wounds and abscesses, caused by or associated with microorganisms sensitive to oxytetracycline.


Fertagyl for induction of ovulation during oestrus, treatment ovarian follicular cysts, and oestrus synchronization by two injections combined with a prostaglandin (In cattle) and for induction of ovulation in rabbit.


Folligon is a freeze-dried powder for induction and synchronization of ovulation in cycling and non- cycling cows and heifers as well as in cycling and non-cycling small ruminant (sheep and goats), increased litter size in small ruminant, induction of puberty and synchronization of first mating in swine, superovulation of cows to maximize diffusion of genetic merit by the use of embryo transfer, induction of receptivity and optimalization of reproductive performance in rabbits and minks, and for optimization of fertility in deers.


Injection with Intertocine-S will initiate strong, regular and purposeful contractions of the uterine muscle especially in the later stages of pregnancy and post-partum. It also evokes milk ‘let-down’, although it has no action on the smooth muscle of the gut and urinary bladder. The product is indicated for stimulation of uterine contraction to facilitate parturition in the presence of a fully dilated cervix, to promote involution of the post-parturient uterus and thus aid the passage of retained placenta, and to promote of milk ‘let-down’ in cases of agalactia and to facilitate ‘stripping out’ of infected quarters in the treatment of mastitis cows.


Metricure is indicated for treatment of subacute and chronic endometritis in cows (at least 14 days after parturition) caused by bacteria sensitive to cefapirin. Metricure can also be used to treat repeat breeder cases (more than three unsuccessful inseminations), if bacterial infections are suspected to be the cause of fertility problem.

PANACUR® 10% Suspension

Panacur 10% used for diarrhea caused by Strongyloides westeri in sucking foals and for control encysted mucosal small redworm larvae in horses.

PANACUR® 2.5% SuspensionHelminthiasis control, effective for nematode and any stadium of larva. Withdrawl 5 day before slaughter
PANACUR® Powder 4%

Panacur 4% used for treatment of pigs infected with immature and mature stages of roundworms in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract and the kidneys, such as Hyostrongylus rubidus (red stomach worm), Oesophagostomum spp. (nodular worm), Ascaris suum (eel worm), Trichuris suis (whip worm), Stephanurus dentatus (kidney worm) and Metastrongylus apri (lung worm) infestations.

TACTIC 12.5%®

Broad spectrum ectoparasiticide against ticks, mites ( Mange), lice and keds incattle, sheep, goat, and pig.Taktic also kills the organochlorine, organophosphate and pyrethroid resistant strains of ectoparasites.


Tonophosphan comp is used for treatment of disorders of phosphorous metabolism, to support treatment of sterility, for deficiency syndromes in the spring as a result of poor nutrition, stimulation of the defence mechanism of the body, tetany and paresis due to disorder of the calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous metabolism in animal.