Nobivac® RL

Nobivac RL is use for active immunization of dogs against rabies, and canine leptospirosis caused by L. interrogans serogrup Canicola and Icterohaemorrhagiae.

For Animal Use Only

Content :

One dose (1 ml) contains : rabies virus inactivated with BPL, ≥ 3 IU, BPL inactivated Leptospirainterrogans serogrup Canicola ≥ 40 hamster PD80, Icterohaemorrhagiae ≥ 40 hamster PD80 and alumunium phosphate is included as an adjuvant and thiomersal (0.01%) as preservative.

Presentation :

1 Dose

Registration Holder :

PT Intervet Indonesia

Deptan RI No. I 05122217 VKC.1