Anthelminthic for treatment and control of gastro-intestinal nematodes in chickens.

Product Description


  • Highly stable suspension – prevents sedimentation, clogged lines or drinking nipples.
  • Smaller and more homogeneous particle size increases the bioavailability by up to 30%.
  • High efficacy against the three major economically significant nematode parasites of chickens, Ascaridia galli (roundworms), Heterakis gallinarum (cecal worms) and Capillaria spp (hair worms).
  • Effective against all stages of worm development including worm eggs.
  • Safe for birds with no impact on egg production, hatchability or progeny of breeders.
  • Zero egg withdrawal – ideal for layers.
  • Short withdrawal – six-day (1 mg/kg BW dose) or nine-day (2 mg/kg BW dose) meat and offal.
  • Short, five-day treatment duration.


For the treatment and control of roundworm (Nematode) infestations in chickens such as Ascaridia galli (pre-adult and adult) and Heterakis gallinarum (pre-adult and adult). Panacur Aquasol also has an ovicidal effect on nematode eggs.


Fenbendazole 200 mg, benzyl alchohol 20 mg.

Dosing and Administration:

1 mg Fenbendazole per kg body weight (BW) or 0.005 ml Panacur® Aquasol per kg body weight via drinking water.


Bottle 1 liter and 4 liters.


Do not freeze. Protect from frost.

Registration holder:

PT Intervet Indonesia

KEMENTAN RI No. I. 17015218 PKC

For animal use only.
Not all presentations may be marketed.
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