Nobilis® Rismavac is a live vaccine recommended for the immunization of healthy day-old chicks against Marek’s disease and is also indicated where virulent strains of Marek’s disease are prevalent.

Product Description


Marek’s disease genotype 1 (Rispen) low passage vaccine with high titer, can be combined with Innovax ND.


Nobilis® Rismavac is an active vaccine recommended for vaccination of healthy day one old chicks against Marek’s disease and also indicated where virulent Marek’s disease virus strains are common.


Each dose of Nobilis® Rismavac contained at least 3.0 log10 TCID50 serotype 1 strain CVl-988 in the form of cell-associated as a virus suspension containing SPF chicken embryo fibroblasts.

Dosing and Administration:

One dose of 0.05 ml was given to 18 days old embryonated eggs or 0.2 ml intramuscularly in the thigh or subcutaneously in the neck in day one old chicks. Use only with the recommended diluent CA (cell associated) diluent. Vaccine ampoules should be stored in liquid nitrogen. The entire contents of the bottle must be used up within 2 hours of mixing. After that the remaining vaccine should be discarded.


Ampoule 1000 and 2000 doses.


AMPOULES – Store in a filled liquid nitrogen container.

DILUENT – Store at room temperature (15°C – 25°C).

CONTAINER – Store liquid nitrogen container securely in upright position in a clean, dry and well-ventilated room separated from the hatching/chicken room in the hatchery.

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