Folligon™ 1000 IU

Folligon is a freeze-dried powder for induction and synchronization of ovulation in cycling and non- cycling cows and heifers as well as in cycling and non-cycling small ruminant (sheep and goats), increased litter size in small ruminant, induction of puberty and synchronization of first mating in swine, superovulation of cows to maximize diffusion of genetic merit by the use of embryo transfer, induction of receptivity and optimalization of reproductive performance in rabbits and minks, and for optimization of fertility in deers.

For Animal Use Only

Content :

Per vial of freeze-dried powder for injection contains Gonadotropin, equine serum (PMSG) 1000 IU

Presentation :

5 ml

Registration Holder :

PT Intervet Indonesia

Deptan RI No. I 0512415 PKC. 2