Inactivated vaccines against viral arthritis caused by avian reovirus infection, infectious bronchitis, infectious bursal disease, and Newcastle disease.

Product Description


Vaccination against viral arthritis (tenosynovitis), Infectious Bronchitis, Infectious Bursal Disease, and Newcastle Disease.


Each dose contains inactivated reovirus strains 1733 and 2408 at least 5 x 108.3 TCID50, IBV Massachusetts strain M41 at least 5 x 107.5 EID50, IBDV D78 strain at least 5 x 107.9 TCID50 and NDV Clone 30 strain at least 5 x 109.0 EID50.

Dosing and Administration:

One dose. Each bird should be given 0.5 ml of vaccine via intramuscular injection in the thigh or chest muscle or subcutaneous injection at lower part of the neck.


Bottle 500 ml (1000 doses).


Store between 2 °C and 8 °C. Do not freeze.

Registration holder:

PT Intervet Indonesia

KEMENTAN RI No. I. 1603195 VKC.2

For animal use only.