Polypeptide antibiotic with strong antibacterial activity as a treatment of necrotic enteritis in poultry.

Product Description


  • Enradin® 80 has a strong antibacterial effect under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. It is effective primarily against Gram-positive bacteria such as Clostridium perfringens, which causes necrotic enteritis and growth depression in poultry.
  • There is no cross-resistance between Enradin® 80 and other available antibiotic or antibacterials.
  • Resistance to Enradin® 80 develops very slowly. Enramycin-resistant Clostridium perfringens has never been isolated.
  • Enradin® 80 is not absorbed from the intestinal tract, which minimizes concern about residues in human food from treated animals.
  • Enradin® 80 is reduces wet dropping in poultry.
  • Enradin® 80 depresses ammonia-producing organisms, thereby reducing ammonia levels in the intestinal contents and blood.


For the control and treatment of necrotic enteritis due to Clostridium perfringens in poultry.


1 kg Enradin® 80 contains 80 g enramycin.

Dosing and Administration:

Enradin® 80 should be mixed into the feed at a level of 20 ppm enramycin for 7 consecutive days (250 g Enradin® 80 per metric ton feed).


Bag 2.5 kg, 5 kg, and 20 kg.


Store between 15°C and 30°C.
Keep separate from feeds and foodstuffs.

Registration holder:

PT Intervet Indonesia

KEMENTAN RI No. I. 18015417 PKS

For animal use only.
Not all presentations may be marketed.