Inactivated vaccine against infectious coryza serovar A, B and C.

Product Description


Using adjuvant saponins, produces stronger immunity and longer duration of immunity.


Nobilis® Coryza is used for vaccination of chickens against infection with Avibacterium paragallinarum.


Each dose of vaccine contains 1 CPD70 from each strain of A. paragallinarum strain 083 (serotype A), Spross (serotype B) and H-18 (serotype C). The active ingredient of this vaccine is inactivated bacteria serotypes A, B and C of A. paragallinarum, which induces protective antibodies against Coryza infection. These inactive bacteria are combined in a pure saponin adjuvant to enhance prolonged immune stimulation.

Dosing and Administration:

One dose; 0.25 ml intramuscular injection.


Bottle 250 ml (1000 doses) and 500 ml (2000 doses).


Store between 2 – 8 °C, avoid freezing.

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PT Intervet Indonesia
KEMENTAN RI No. I. 1503482 VTC.2

For animal use only.
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