Nobilis® RT+IB Multi+ND+EDS

Nobilis RT+IB multi+ND+EDS contains two immunogenic strains of Infectious Bronchitis virus (Massachusetts serotype and a variant strain belonging to the D207/D274 serotype), an immunogenic strain of Turkey Rhinotracheitis, an immunogenic strain of Newcastle Disease virus and an immunogenic strain of Egg Drop Syndrome virus inactivated with formalin or beta-propiolactone and suspended in the aqueous phase of an oil adjuvant emulsion.

For Animal Use Only

Content :

Active components per dose is reovirus strains 1733 and 2408 inducing ≥7.4 log2 VN units.

Presentation :

Bottles containing 500 ml sufficient for 1000 doses or 250 ml sufficient for 500 doses.

Registration Holder :

PT Intervet Indonesia

Deptan RI No. I 05021915 VKC.1