Nobilis® IB+ND+EDS

Nobilis IB+ND+EDS contains one immunogenic strains of Infectious Bronchitis virus (Massachusets serotype) and one immunogenic strain of Egg Drop Syndrome virus and one immunogenic strain of Newcastle Diseases virus. The viruses have been grown on embryonated eggs and are inactivated with formalin. Subsequently they have been suspended in the aqueous phase of an oil adjuvant emulsion. The vaccine is recommended for the booster vaccination of layers and breeding stock for protection against the Massachusetts serotype of Infectious Bronchitis and for protection against Newcastle Disease and fo the (primary) vaccination against Egg Drop Syndrome.

For Animal Use Only

Content :

Active component per dose: IB virus strain M41 : inducing ≥ 6.0 log2 HI units, ND Clone 30 : containing ≥ 50 PD50, EDS’76 : inducing ≥ 6.5 log2 HI units

Presentation :

Bottles containing 500 ml sufficient for 1000 doses.

Registration Holder :

PT Intervet Indonesia

KEMENTAN RI No. I. 15101101 VKC. 3