Nobilis® Corvac

Nobilis Corvac is a vaccination against Avibacterium paragallinarum infectious in chickens. Chickens are vaccinated in order to stimulate (serotype-spesific) homologous protection against the type of strains incorporated in the vaccine.

For Animal Use Only

Content :

Per dose of 0.5 ml vaccine contains Avibacterium paragallinarum strain O83 (serotype A) at least 1 CPD70, strain Spross (serotype B) at least 1 CPD70, strain H-18 (serotype C) at least 1 CPD70 and light liquid paraffin.

Presentation :

500 ml for 1000 doses.

Registration Holder :

PT Intervet Indonesia

Deptan RI No. I 06022405 VTC.1